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    🔥 Germany SK5 Carbon Steel Folding Saw 🔥

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    Generally a hand saw will be used instead of using power tools whenever you need a level of precision that simply can't be achieved with a power tool.

    Our INNOVATIVE HAND SAW well studied & combined all positive characteristics of other hand saw series and serves with tremendous TOP SHARPNESS for your daily cutting need & aims.


     SUPERIOR HIGH QUALITY RAW MATERIAL: SK5 SPRING STEEL used as raw material for the hand saw, carbon steel and pretty good at EDGE RETENTIONTOUGHNESS & DECENT CORROSION RESISTANCE.

     OUTSTANDING Ω SHAPE DESIGN AMONG SAWTEETH: Ω SHAPE creatively set and used among the sawteeth which guarantees TOP SHARPNESS for fast high efficiency cutting work without saw stuck or jammed in the tree.

     CONVENIENT WHEREVER TO TAKE: Small in size and foldable, easy to take and work with no matter when it's required and where you're located.

    • The cutting speed of the three cutting surfaces is 50% faster than traditional hand saws.
    • Made of fully hardened steel blade and comfortable PVC

    • The blade can be folded into the handle for easy storage and carrying
    • The blade is locked in the folded and unfolded position to ensure safety

    • Ideal for gardening, camping, hunting and logging.
    • It comes in three different sizes. Please choose the size you like.


    • Material: High carbon steel
    • Grip material: PVC
    • Tooth type: coarse teeth
    • Saw blade thickness: 1 (mm)
    • Size: small, medium, large
    • Fold size: 255/265/305 MM 
    • Expanded size: 465/485/550 MM

       Package Included:

      •  Germany SK5 Carbon Steel Folding Saw *1

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